About us.

Kuormat.com was born from the need to create better road logistics. We realized that the current state of logistics has many pain points that cause inefficiencies for both transport companies as well as shippers who need transport services. Inefficiency in road transport also leads to unnecessary emissions.

We challenge the current situation of logistics:

Transport demand and supply do not meet in real time on the market, and the efficiency of logistics suffers.
About 1% of all CO2 emissions in Finland come from driving empty, as about 23% of transports are driven without freight.
Transport contracts are time-consuming to negotiate and rarely flexible.
The current way of organizing logistics takes time away from the core business of shippers and carriers.
The majority of Finnish carriers are small and only subcontract for larger carriers.

Environmental impact

In Finland, about 450 million kilometers are driven empty each year in road freight transport. In addition, the transport fill rate is only around 60–80%.* This means that only a little more than half of road freight transportation capacity is being utilized. Our vision is to eliminate driving empty and to offer companies completely carbon neutral transport, easily and reliably.

Eliminating driving empty requires long-term work, and this will not happen overnight. That's why we start our work by minimizing empty driving, improving the filling rate of underutilized trucks, and providing high-quality compensation for realized emissions.

Reduce freight transportation emissions with Kuormat.com:

Minimising empty kilometres

In Finland, about one in four trucks drives empty. Our platform allows combining transports so that empty trucks can be given new freight to drive.

LTL consolidation

We are developing technology to combine LTL loads.

Filling the empty capacity of trucks

We help carriers to find more freight to better utilize their capacity.

Compensating every

We compensate all transports going through our platform.
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All transports are compensated in cooperation with Compensate.

By using Kuormat.com, you can achieve your own climate goals in terms of transport and you can be sure that each transport has been compensated with high-quality methods. Kuormat.com also offsets the emissions of its own operations through Compensate.

You can find more information on offsetting and the projects here.
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Meet the team.

The company is operated by a team of nine, whose common goal is to create smarter logistics for freight transportation. The expertise of our team consists of business experience in the logistics industry and entrepreneurial experience as well as knowledge of platform economy, programming, marketing, and graphic design.

Heikki Paija

Founding Member
Chairman of the Board

Atte Sahla


Taneli Hukkanen


Ossi Ilmanen

Founding Member

Julianna Paija

Founding Member
Head of Design

Sara Pentikäinen

Founding Member
Head of Marketing

Markus Kaihola


Miikka Åsnabrygg


Juha Kollin

Board Member


Office Dog

Advisory Board.

Our Advisory Board supports the operative team. The members of the Advisory Board have many decades worth of experience in e.g. strategic management, sales, product development, and start-up entrepreneurship.

Mikael Federley

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Tom Anderzén

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Ossi Marko

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