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Tender your transport with our network of hundreds of carriers! Our trusted carriers will deliver your transport with great expertise.

The easiest way to tender

Tender your freight with only a few clicks.

Go green

We handle emissions calculation, reporting and compensation – you are one step closer to meeting your climate goals.

Save money

Focus on your business, not on tendering
– we do it for you.

Reliable transports

Our over 500 verified carriers handle your transports with high quality.

Heard from our users

We have always succeeded in getting transport from tendering, and you can see the final price for orders quickly. The ease and clarity of Kuormat.com has been a great asset. I was surprised at how well the service started to roll!
Kari Pekkala
Dispatching, Pakkauspojat Oy
The affordability has been great and the service has worked really well!
Sari Riuttaskorpi
Spare parts sales,
Parmair Ilmanvaihto Oy
Very easy and nice system in every way.
Jussi Ketola
Entrepreneur, Myyntikaista Oy
At Tarotpuodi, we switched to using Kuormat.com to move inventory and new products between our brick-and-mortar stores in Hämeenlinna, Tampere and Turku. The ease and cost-effectiveness of the service fascinated me. In many cases, parcels were even collected on the same day. The things has played out as planned!
Ville Ketonen
Retailer, Ville's Animal House Oy
Kuormat.com's service is easy to use and you always get clear answers to questions from customer service quickly. Favorable prices and fast deliveries are one of the main reasons why we constantly use the service.
Anni Poukka
Dispatching, Muovihaka Oy
It's great that you can see the exact price right away and that even small businesses benefit.
Istvan Nagy
CEO, Auto-Prokem Oy
A reliable operator also in European shipments.
Anita Keskikoivisto
Operations manager, Forsfood Oy
The price is the absolute reason to use Kuormat.com, combined with delivery reliability and ease of use.
Anniina Kauri
Office Secretary, Pedro Oy

How to tender with us:

1. Sign up and tender

Register your company and list the load you’d like to tender.

2. Confirm the bid

Confirm the suitable bid.

3. Send

The carrier transports the freight as per agreed.

4. Invoicing

All your transports consolidated on one invoice.

Contract tendering

Does your company have constant transport needs on the same routes? Don't want to tender for each load separately? Then freight contracts are just for you!

You can use this feature by telling us about your transport needs and the routes for which you need ongoing contracts.

Why tender with us?

Easy tendering

With just a few clicks, you can tender your transport. You will receive the bids directly to your email.

Free service

You only pay for the transport you order – we do not charge billing or fuel surcharges.

Extensive network of carriers

Register your company and get access to more than 500 transport companies.

Centralized billing

Pay all your transports in one payment per billing period.


Follow the progress of your transport.

Carbon neutral transports

All loads driven through Kuormat.com are carbon compensated. In addition, the service reduces driving empty and unnecessary emissions.

Frequently asked questions

What types of transport can I tender for on Kuormat.com?

Tender your partial and full loads with the Kuormat.com carrier network with a single ad. Our customers have found a transport service from a few EUR pallets to a full truck load.

How can I ensure a successful tender?

The success of the tendering process depends on the location of the transport, the amount of goods to be transported and the distance to be travelled. You are also more likely to succeed if you give a realistic base price for the order and order transport for at least several pallets at a time. For individual pallets, we recommend using the Order Transport function.

Can I tender for a log, liquid or bulk load?

The service does not yet support log, liquid or bulk loads.

Can I tender for export and import transport?

The service does not yet support exports or imports.

What kind of carriers are there on the platform?

Only reliable and professional carriers are accepted to the platform. Each carrier is checked before registration to ensure that they have a valid goods transport license and that they are able to meet their financial obligations. The carriers on the service provide services for a wide range of loads.
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