Order transports for parcels
and pallets within minutes.

Order transports for parcels and pallets within minutes.

Affordable transports for all your parcels and pallets.
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Do you send parcels or pallets? We've made it easy: you can send your company's parcels and pallets at a competitive price directly from Kuormat.com.

Centralize transports

Manage all your company's transports conveniently in the same service.

Instant pricing

The service is free, you only pay for your transports. You’ll also see the final price before ordering the transport as we include all surcharges, such as fuel surcharge and pick-up, already in the price.

Save money

We can offer attractive prices due to the combined purchasing power of our customers.

Ship to companies or individuals

For businesses, you can send parcels and pallets to their premises, for individuals, parcels are delivered to the door or to a pick-up point.

Heard from our users

We have always succeeded in getting transport from tendering, and you can see the final price for orders quickly. The ease and clarity of Kuormat.com has been a great asset. I was surprised at how well the service started to roll!
Kari Pekkala
Dispatching, Pakkauspojat Oy
The affordability has been great and the service has worked really well!
Sari Riuttaskorpi
Spare parts sales,
Parmair Ilmanvaihto Oy
Very easy and nice system in every way.
Jussi Ketola
Entrepreneur, Myyntikaista Oy
At Tarotpuodi, we switched to using Kuormat.com to move inventory and new products between our brick-and-mortar stores in Hämeenlinna, Tampere and Turku. The ease and cost-effectiveness of the service fascinated me. In many cases, parcels were even collected on the same day. The things has played out as planned!
Ville Ketonen
Retailer, Ville's Animal House Oy
Kuormat.com's service is easy to use and you always get clear answers to questions from customer service quickly. Favorable prices and fast deliveries are one of the main reasons why we constantly use the service.
Anni Poukka
Dispatching, Muovihaka Oy
It's great that you can see the exact price right away and that even small businesses benefit.
Istvan Nagy
CEO, Auto-Prokem Oy
A reliable operator also in European shipments.
Anita Keskikoivisto
Operations manager, Forsfood Oy
The price is the absolute reason to use Kuormat.com, combined with delivery reliability and ease of use.
Anniina Kauri
Office Secretary, Pedro Oy

How to order a transport with us:

1. Sign up

Register your business for free.

2. Order a transport

Order a transport in the Kuormat.com service, after which the information about the order is automatically transferred to PostNord and you will receive a tracking link for your shipment.

3. Pickup

PostNord will collect your items and deliver them to the recipient.

4. Invoicing

All your transports consolidated on one invoice.

Transport partner

The parcels and pallets are supplied by PostNord, the leading logistics solutions provider in the Nordic countries. PostNord was chosen as our partner because of the quality of its transport services, its wide range of services and its responsibility. They will also have the largest network of pick-up points in Finland by the end of 2023.

Named one of Europe's climate leaders by the Financial Times, PostNord is aiming for a fossil-free world by 2030, a 40% reduction in emissions by 2025 (compared to 2020 levels) and a significant increase in electric vehicles in its fleet. PostNord already carbon offsets all CO2 emissions from transport.


As our client, you can also reach your customers in the Nordic countries and the EU. In Europe, DPD operates the transport.


You can also order ongoing pickups from us and save time.

Online shops

Convenient and cost-effective transport for your online shop via Kuormat.com.
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Everything you need in one service

Instant pricing

When you order transport, you will see the final price instantly including pick-up and fuel surcharge.

Easy ordering

Order transport for parcels and pallets quickly and easily. You can save addresses and templates to make it even more simple to order.

Centralized billing

Manage all payments at once per billing period.

Ongoing pickups

Ongoing and recurring pickups are possible with us, please discuss further.


Track the transports via the tracking links.

Carbon neutral transports

All loads driven through Kuormat.com are carbon compensated.

Frequently asked questions

Why Kuormat.com?

Because together we are more: With Kuormat.com, you can benefit from attractive shipping rates, because by combining the purchasing power of our customers, we were able to negotiate discounts for all our customers - no matter how much you ship through us.

Can a private person order a transport from Kuormat.com?

Only companies can order transports from Kuormat.com.

What is Kuormat.com's fuel surcharge?

Fuel and other surcharges are already included in the prices you see in the service.

Can I order transport for my tyres?

Yes you can, the tyres will be sent directly to the address of the recipient.

Is it possible to order transport for LQ-marked goods and other dangerous goods?

You can order LQ shipments from Kuormat.com, but unfortunately transport of other dangerous goods is not possible.

Is the export of parcels and pallets possible?

Yes, it is possible to export to the EU area. Shipment types vary from country to country.

Is it possible to import parcels and pallets to Finland?

Yes, it is possible to import parcels from the EU area. Shipment types vary from country to country. Unfortunately, importing pallets is not yet possible with the service.
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