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Carbon neutral transport services on demand. is the solution for organizing and planning road transport for your business. Reliable carriers can directly book the loads you add on the platform, eliminating the need to send requests for quotes and wait for responses. The service is flexible according to your transport needs. With, you save on logistics costs and free up time for other business functions.

Our service makes adding your loads simple. You don't need to negotiate contracts with each carrier separately and you can pay for all your shipments at once every invoicing period. In addition to this, we compensate all loads driven via the platform. Registration to the platform is free of charge.
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No more endless emails and phone calls, as carriers can book the added loads directly on the platform.
The platform has high delivery reliability due to our extensive network.
Fill your entire transport needs via or use the service to support your current business practices.
Monthly invoicing enables you to pay for all your loads at the same time.
Save resources spent on road logistics.
All loads driven via are compensated for.
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How to use

1. Join the platform

Register your company to the platform
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2. List a load

List your parcels, pallets, or bulk loads on the platform.
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3. Ship the load

The carrier will collect the load and transport it to the destination.
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4. Save and track

All the driven loads are invoiced monthly.

Having your transport operations in one place saves you money, time, and effort.
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Join the platform.

Any questions? Book a short meeting below and we'll tell you more.


Who can join the platform?

Any company that needs bulk or pallet load transport services can join the platform. Companies from various sectors, such as the trade or manufacturing industry, benefit from the platform.

How can I join

You can register your company on the sign up page or by filling the form above. Welcome to the platform!

What types of loads can be registered on the platform?

You can register parcel, pallet, and bulk loads on the platform. The platform does not yet support liquid or timber cargo.

What kind of carriers are there on the platform?

Only reliable and professional carriers are accepted to the platform. Each carrier is checked before registration to ensure that they have a valid goods transport license and that they are able to meet their financial obligations. The carriers on the service provide services for a wide range of loads, including bulk, pallets, parcel, and refrigerated cargo.
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